Suitable for the stomachs of boy Up and down and clothes color contrast not too obvious

Black boot matchs in pants, arrived winter this kind of dress law can be more popular a bit surely, it is to put on tweed commonly 5 minutes pants are in the majority. 2. Sihua's one-piece dress, rabbit hair inlaid one-piece dress, simple collocation design, and fashionable dresses black ankle boots show elegant style of celebrities. Add a long suit over a dress in winter

Black and white is out of Malls fashion. Black dress black trousers is the safest trade collocation, can show the design of white coat more so, OL fan is dye-in-the-wood again. Tie-in 2: the T-shirt with lotus leaf collar of coffee color, take off coat to also can illuminate the office likewise, tie-in one this year the most popular is outsized envelope bag. Notice the detail part of collar, triangular collar can fold yellow and black, white, red collocation at will pretty good, cannot match namely yellow or the dress that coffee lubricious fastes (it is to point to same yellow). This hat can be worn with a black or gray hoodie, or it can be worn with a dark purple. Yellow is warmer, gray, or blue, which is cooler. You can also wear white or bright pink or green compare show small, estimate the fair maiden course that your cummer takes, still take her to buy together, let her choose by herself. Same color method. Same kind of color is to point to a series of lubricious photograph are same or close, the shade that produces by lightness change is different tonal. Same kind of color collocation can obtain dignified, calm, sedate effect, apply to temperamental and elegant mature woman. But must pay attention to the same color collocation, the brightness difference between color and color should be appropriate, the difference is too small, too close to the hue is easy